The writing life has its charms. It also has its challenges, difficulties, ugly days, and furious nights. On this site you’ll find straight talk with writers about the harder moments of the writing life.

The premise is this: I start conversations with writers that begin, “What’s the hardest thing about being a writer?” and we go from there. Every Thursday, I post one of these conversations.

You can read the intro and rationale for this project here.

This site is run by me, Sachiko Murakami. I’ve written three books of poetry: The Invisibility Exhibit, Rebuild, and Get Me Out Of Here. I’ve also made digital projects that explore the possibilities of online collaborative writing. You can follow me on Twitter.

Comment policy

You are welcome to join in the conversation in the comments. We need your insights, your consolations, and your own woes. What we do not need are comments that are denigrating, hateful, or abusive. I’ve chosen to approve moderate comments out of respect for the writers who have permitted us glimpses into their more difficult moments. Comments will be approved as quickly as possible. Disagreement is fine. Abuse is not. Please, let me know how you feel about this on Twitter or in an email.